Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Doctor Atlantis is available for order in comic shops nationwide!!!

So even though this is no longer my primary blog, it still has more followers than my current one, and it's important to share this news with as many people as humanly possible....

BIG NEWS! The high-seas steampunk comic "DOCTOR ATLANTIS" is in the current Diamond Previews Catalog, just waiting to be ordered by comic retailers ACROSS THE COUNTRY.  But in order to ship it, we need to reach our minimum order number, so start spreading the word! This collection includes the first THREE issues of the series, totaling 80 pages for a mere $10!

Check out and share these links to previews, behind the scenes tidbits and our fantastic Kickstarter pitch.  If this gets you hooked, you can read the rest of the series by ordering it from your local comic book retailer.  Tell them you want "DOCTOR ATLANTIS," published by RARE EARTH COMICS and appearing on PAGE 322 of this month's Diamond Previews. 

Here's links to my new Doctor Atlantis blog, Ian's kickstarter pitch, and previews of the first two issues (#1, #2) on my primary blog.