Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mixed Nuts

Despite all my griping about Hampshire college, I actually like some of the people there. That's why I redid the Mixed Nuts food co-op logo recently when they told me they were reprinting it for t-shirts. So here's the old and new logos:



A Brief History of Time

"A Brief History of Time" by Garl Mefferd (next time I'll watch the curls on my C's):
this was my contribution to the Trees and Hills anthology "Time" (which compliments their concurrent anthology "Play")


Now this one needs some explaining; After seeing the amazing work done by our female classmates with their Pinup calendar, the guys organized their own manly version called "BeefSteak." Here's my contribution, a scottish-caber-tossing themed version of Nick Patten, fellow cartoonist who has a lot of the same features I do (dark beard, glasses).

If you'd like to purchase a copy either talk to me or check it out with the man who organized it all; Josh Kramer.

CBLDF Monsters

These were a blast. A comic site was raising money for the comic book legal defense fund (aka CBLDF or those badass defenders of the first amendment). They did so by selling original sketches of monsters on ebay.

And get this, I got an email from the guy who bought one of mine saying how happy he was with it! Turns out it was the Book Burning Boiler.

This is evidence that I need to do more fun pinup work.

Dream Comic

Despite the name this isn't really related to my "Waking Dreams" series. This was part of a 4 page (and cover) assignment at the beginning of the semester. We had to make a comic using a mish mash of our recorded dreams as the material.

Suffice to say it's probably the weirdest and creepiest story I've drawn. Be afraid of my subconscious, be very afraid...

Thesis Poster

Here's the two versions of my poster for thesis. I ended up going with the smooth grays since there's no point to halftones in a big polished piece. I'm still not used to working in greytones but I think I'm getting better:

Concepts, Turn-Arounds and Thumbnails... oh my!

Here's some of the concept art, model sheets and thumbnails for Waking Dreams #1

I've been getting into doing thumbnails as a major part of my writing process. It feels so much more natural to "write" with pictures rather than typing it all out and trying to cram them panel layouts.

here's two sets of concepts and turn arounds for the characters Raina and Mika. I ended up losing Mika's cat mask seen in the blueline version, too clunky:

here's the concepts for the cat folk from Mika's tribe, I really wanted to make them each individuals, plus I've loved drawing anthropomorphic critters since growing up on the ninja turtles:

the crime: blog neglection; sentence: blogging!

Alright, I've been yet again neglecting my blog, but I've got a good reason... I've been drawing my ass off! Here's the first of many new posts to get me caught up.

These are the rough pencils for my first issue of the rebooted "Waking Dreams." You'll have to wait until the printed version to see the words but I hope you like the sketchy pictures in the meantime: