Friday, October 15, 2010

Thesis pages part 1

So I've been seriously neglecting this blog, but on the bright side I've been drawing my keister off. For our first month back at CCS we were assigned 16 pages combining work from our thesis with a dream comic (coming soon).

The following 13 pages (plus model sheets) are the opening of the first issue of a story I probably wont be continuing but was very into for a while. I've been pitching it as Don Quixote meets Rudy and it's more or less a story about perseverance in the face of the ass-kicking challenges of life.

pg 1 & 2

pg 3 & 4

"Cain" model sheet

extras model sheet

"Ernst" model sheet

thesis pages part 2

pg 5 &6

pg 7 & 8

pg 9 & 10

pg 11 & 12

pg 13

yep! it's another cliffhanger! but for what it's worth the whole issue would have covered the resulting fight, which may yet be written and drawn.