Monday, February 15, 2010

Ma Barker: The She Wolf & her Viper Brood

The closing story for our comic was "Ma Barker: The She Wolf & her Viper Brood," a dramatic retelling of the final showdown with the queen of the 1930's criminal underground.

Tom Casteel did the story and script, I penciled and inked the figures while Jesse Mead penciled and inked the backgrounds and vehicles, the coloring was done by a mix of Nomi Kane, Jesse Mead and myself.


Hey Everyone, CCS kicked off the spring semester with a massive group project where we collaboratively made a 32 page color comic in the tradition of Golden Age comic genres.

For ours we made a true crime collection of short stories called "Lady Killers!"

(The cover was penciled by me, inked by the amazing Steve Bissette, colored by the incredible Nomi Kane with the logo and side icons made by Josh Kramer)

I'm only posting the story that I penciled and inked along with Jesse Mead but follow the links below to find the work from the rest of our motley crew:

Steve Bissette (manager):

Tom Casteel:

Andy Christensen:

Nomi Kane:

Josh Kramer:

Jesse Mead: