Thursday, July 9, 2009

captain's cabin concept

More concept art, this time for the scene after next in my webcomic. it's a conversation between Hallow and a mentor-like figure to him by the name of Captain Gustavis. He's old, retired and now lives on the top of a hill on the island in his permanently grounded ship. The whole thing is upsidedown so the hull is the roof (top sketch) and the captain's quarters are the living room(bottom sketch). I'm sure I'll find ways to change it before I do the final pages but I'm pretty happy with these early concepts.

dragon concept cont.

Here's my follow up to my last post about game concept art. I've been really influenced from recent gaming trends building relationships with constant game companions like Argo from Shadow of the Colossus, Elika from Prince of Persia or the dog from Fable 2. I think introducing a virtual companion in a solitary activity like single player gaming really does a lot to bring you into the game and opens up tons of possibilities for emotionally resonant storytelling.

So in that train of thought I brainstormed a dragon companion for my Dragon Slayer game idea. As a contrast to more menacing Dragons which appear very scaly, reptilian or bat-like and lanky, I've visually geared this character to be something both beastly and approachable. I drew some inspiration from characters from films like Falco from the Neverending story or Ludo from Labyrinth, but ultimately the heart of the character lies in man's best friend, Dogs. Specially, bulldogs. As a breed they capture that combination of stout sturdy toughness with lovable personality. For the wings I wanted something more noble than the ominous bat-wings so I drew from eagles. The tail, instead of ending in a stinger or serpentine tip, is a big club like a Glyptodon (prehistoric mammal) which serves as both a gameplay tool and to make the character seem tough but not vicious (in the spectrum of violence, pounding seems less dastardly than cutting).

My only concern is how the sketch "reads" to someone not as familiar with the characters as I am. Anyways, that's enough blabbing for now.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

concept art week

I've mentioned to a couple people that I'm concentrating on my concept art this week, though I'm studying a bunch of "The Art of..." books most of my original concepts are geared towards either my comic or my (prepare for the geekiness) game design ideas. One idea came after hearing about the sucky dragon-oriented game "Lair" and thinking about how I'd design a Dragon Slayer-type game if I could.

The sketch above is my idea for the protagonist for such a game. I wanted someone relatable and not overly powered. Rather than being a big strong knight in shining armor slashing away, you'd be a short, scrappy peasant boy climbing onto dragons' backs and finding strategies for beating them (heavy "Shadow of the Colossus" influence here). The character has a youthful look, loose hair for flapping in the breeze, big hands, feet and ears to give him more of a monkey-ish look (back to the climbing around part) and he's visibly burdened by all the various gear the typical fantasy hero sports (shield, sword, dagger, satchel, and in his case... a retractable clockwork grappling hook)

That last part is a mixed inspiration from steampunk, Rorsache's grappling hook from Watchmen and the clockwork weaponary of Fable 2, but really it's just a gameplay device to add depth to combat strategy and ways to quickly get onto the dragon's body.

I'm going to try to do some more concept art by the end of the week and add it on here. Maybe some more game-related stuff, maybe some concept work from my comics.