Tuesday, June 9, 2009

accepted into the center for cartoon studies

I just realized that after being so excited about my acceptance to The Center for Cartoon Studies, I didn't mention it on here. Well I got in!!! If you're one of the people I talked to about this while still waiting to hear back applying then you know how much I had invested in this. If you're curious about the school you should check it out, they have a very approachable website:


I attend this fall, I'm so psyched!!! :D

caricature flyer

This post will earn the immediate derision of my friends Dac and Katie who have seen me go through so many versions of my business card and caricature flyer... but I don't care, I'm totally onto something this time!

I agonized over my first flyer trying to get it just right, but only now do I realize the major problems with it: namely, it doesn't "read" well from a distance (everything is small, cramped and it doesn't use contrast well) and there's nothing innately fun about it. So here's the old one...

For my new one it's still just in the very rough sketch stage, but I've eliminated the photo of me, created a more outrageous and whimsical caricature of myself shouting, and cut out most of my blabbing so it just tells the reader the keywords: CARICATURE/PARTY/FREE

...the more i look at it the more i think i drew myself like TOTORO, props if you get that reference.