Thursday, July 9, 2009

dragon concept cont.

Here's my follow up to my last post about game concept art. I've been really influenced from recent gaming trends building relationships with constant game companions like Argo from Shadow of the Colossus, Elika from Prince of Persia or the dog from Fable 2. I think introducing a virtual companion in a solitary activity like single player gaming really does a lot to bring you into the game and opens up tons of possibilities for emotionally resonant storytelling.

So in that train of thought I brainstormed a dragon companion for my Dragon Slayer game idea. As a contrast to more menacing Dragons which appear very scaly, reptilian or bat-like and lanky, I've visually geared this character to be something both beastly and approachable. I drew some inspiration from characters from films like Falco from the Neverending story or Ludo from Labyrinth, but ultimately the heart of the character lies in man's best friend, Dogs. Specially, bulldogs. As a breed they capture that combination of stout sturdy toughness with lovable personality. For the wings I wanted something more noble than the ominous bat-wings so I drew from eagles. The tail, instead of ending in a stinger or serpentine tip, is a big club like a Glyptodon (prehistoric mammal) which serves as both a gameplay tool and to make the character seem tough but not vicious (in the spectrum of violence, pounding seems less dastardly than cutting).

My only concern is how the sketch "reads" to someone not as familiar with the characters as I am. Anyways, that's enough blabbing for now.

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  1. He strikes me as a shy, but affectionate, older dog who hasn't realized that he's not a puppy anymore.

    I think his wings look a bit smallish to me.

    I like the clubbed tail. In this image he seems like he might even be clumsy with it, like a very excitable big dog, accidentally breaking things with his tail wagging.